Tuesday, February 28, 2012

ActivCycle for PT

Deirdre using her ActivCycle. So far, this has been a cheap solution until we can actually get the Motomed system.

There is a way to make it go slower if that speed makes you nervous. Another family found this to solve the problem: Using a potentioneter (find it on Ebay as Variable Speed Control Rheostat Potetiometer AC motor. They made a video showing how it works, in Facebook.

Suspension Canopy

We built a suspension canopy for Deirdre's bed. The goal is that we can suspend her arms or legs from anywhere in her bed (where she spends most of her time).

We used PVC, a pre-built fence, 4 PVC elbows, and metal straps to secure everything. We painted the PVC in purple as that is Deirdre's favorite color. We strap suspension restraints using a purple metallic clamp.

The canopy also has been useful to place some plush dolls over it, and to attach toys like a remote control solar system!

Robotic Exoeskeleton

Company: Jaeco www.jaecoorthopedics.com

This video gives you an idea of how the exoeskeleton works for arm use. The site also has demos for wrist/hand models. It is used mainly by ALS and CP patients!

There's a family whose SMA kid uses it for the arms, and they report their kid gained lots of independence thanks to it. The important detail is that the kid must seat straight in a wheelchair, if so then he/she is a good candidate for this.

Think arm suspension... that actually moves everything and supports everything reacting to the smallest of force. Awesome!

1st Adapted Toy: Figit Success!

My 1st attempt to adapt a toy: Figit Friend. Here is Deedee using her Figit Toy!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Adapting Toys Tutorials List

Tutorial for adapting Simple On/Off Toys  (sample adapts a Tigger)
Tutorial for adapting a toy from Team Ben: Sleeping Dora
Tutorial for adapting a toy from Team Ben: Rock Star Mickey 
Tutorial for adapting a toy from InsideSMA: Fijit Friend